SuperDuper Sorry-Please Read!!

Now, I know I’ve NOT been blogging/making GFX. This is due to my personal life. I have recently been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Also, (due to my stupidity and clumsiness) I have dropped my dear iPod in the toilet, therefore it is ruined and I will have to get a new one and wait A LONG TIME for an account transfer. Those of you who actually read this, please tell others that I am not leaving again!!! I apologize for my lack of not-updating. I will try my very best to accommodate a better “work” schedule for my blog. Also, please tell your friends, family, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, anyone who plays Graal to visit my blog. I don’t have much motivation right now and I’m trying so hard, just please. Again, please forgive me.

Best of wishes to you all,

Riley Messina<3

To Jon:

I’m sorry about everything. Please forgive me baby. ❤ ily forever and always, don’t forget that. No matter what. <33


ALLE: Pretzel?

Well, I had an idea of a pretzel before my break and I decided to see if you guys would like what it looks like. So, tell me if you like it! (Sorry if it’s a little small, just click on it and zoom in :D)

FOR REAL, I’m back. For good. :)

Now, I totally know that you guys are pissed at me that I haven’t posted ANYTHING for a long, long time. I’m so sorry. I had some personal stuff going on, and it’s STILL going on, so just stay with me guys. (Visit the “About” page for more info.) Once again, I’m really sorry. And Jon, I hope we’re good. 😀

Please forgive me,

Riley Messina


Please vote on the next GFX collection to do!!! Remember, every little vote counts. Get your friends to visit!!! Thank you SOSO much!!! ❤

P.S. I know I’m not as good as Latte, but I’ll get there someday. After all, I thought of the “fashion lines”.

ALLE: “Abby” Head xD

This is just a head that for no reason I HAVE to call it an “Abby” head. It just looks like an Abby, doesn’t it?!? (btw, the blond streaks are there PURPOSELY)

Terms of Use

– Don’t claim this to be your own work!! If people asked you who made the item, I’d appreciate if you said ‘Riley’ or gave them this blog’s address. Thanks<3

– You may recolor. Sorry about only one version, but remember: any recolors of my art is accepted.



Omigosh I’m so sorry guys, I’ve just been really sick lately and haven’t been up to making stuff. My sincere apologies, I promise some new stuff is comin’!!! Also, I’m having an open mind so if anyone has an idea on ANYTHING, feel free to contact me. c: Thanks!

The first v-neck

I am so very sorry about the first v-neck I posted. I will be ORIGINAL and I hope you’ll all give me another chance.

Protected: Wedding Dress {ask me for password}

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MORE Logos!!!!!

I’m becoming a popular guild logo maker now xD. YAY!!! Well, here ya go. Enjoy~

Glimmer’s Guild Logo

This is for a Graal guild called Glimmer. Enjoy~